Public procurement

The conditions precedent to many developments and implementation of investment projects include the selection of the contractor or the service provider in the framework of a public procurement procedure.

Particular importance is attached to the fully compliant implementation of public procurements implemented with funding from the European Union as they can be subject to investigation by several - also including EU - authorities even years after closing of the projects and part or whole of the grant may have to be paid back in case of the infringement of the rules of public procurement. The contracts of infrastructure projects of greater size implemented from EU funding are generally based upon the FIDIC terms and conditions of contract, not so widespread or known in Hungary at this stage. For these reasons much difficulty and risk may be involved for those who are not so competent in the FIDIC procedures.

With respect to the considerations above, our services related to public procurement cover the following:

·          Preparation of public procurement procedures;

·          Implementation of public procurement procedures;

·          Consulting with respect to the implementation of contracts;

·          Consulting regarding the FIDIC terms and conditions of contracts.